Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

Photo of Dr. James Lujan Dr. James Luján

Associate Superintendent
for Teaching and Learning    

1300 Camino Sierra Vista
Santa Fe, NM 87505


Dr. James Luján was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He graduated from Albuquerque High School. He majored in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Bilingual Education, received a Master’s degree in Multicultural Education and continued his education obtaining an Educational Specialist certificate in Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico. As a child growing up, he learned and professed a strong educational and ethical philosophy that has remained in him through his life. It is this foundation, along with the continued support of his family and professional colleagues that has allowed him to embrace his dream of leading and transforming dynamic schools, such as Ernie Pyle Middle School and Eugene Field Elementary. Dr. Luján received his doctorate degree from the University of New Mexico in Educational Leadership and Organizational Learning with the topic of Family Engagement and School Reform.

Dr. Luján desires to lead through example and believes that a true leader serves first. His work with PPE (Principal Pursuing Excellence) as a turnaround leader for the state, allows him to serve multiple schools in mentoring principals, while building a pipeline to sustain effective leaders for New Mexico. He believes there are effective leaders who influence others to follow and serve for a lifetime, while there are other leaders who manage and gain little. He also believes that learning and dreaming should never stop, no matter how great! He is excited to be part of the Santa Fe Public Schools and is always ready to serve the children of our state!


The Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning supports the following four departments to ensure the work is aligned to the school initiatives that support teaching and learning in schools:

Curriculum and Instruction
Student Health and Wellness
Exceptional Student Services

The Associate Superintendent provides leadership to the directors and oversees supervision of the department initiatives.


The Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning works collaboratively with the Directors of School Support and the Deputy Superintendent. The tasks include:

Supporting Schools via mentorihip and professional development
Evaluating delivery of strategies and programs
Monitoring implementation of curriculum and instruction
Ensuring compliance of policies and regulations
Aligning resources to support and heighten academic proficiency levels